Google announced Campaign-level Conversion Setting in Google Ads

Google announces Campaign-level Conversions now available for both Search and Display Campaign.

Conversion tracking is important for every ad account in order to measure the success of our ad spending.

What is conversion tracking?

Every business website has its own objective like Product Download, Signup for Demo, Newsletter Signup, Product Datasheet Download, Webinar Signup and so, to measure as conversion. To track these actions we need to set up the conversion tracking.

How to set up conversion tracking:

We can use Google Analytics for setting up conversion tracking.

Follow the steps to set up Conversion Tracking in Google Analytics.

  • Go to the Admin tab
  • Click on Goals
  • Click on New Goal for Goal setup

Google Analytics

On that, we have two options like Template and Custom. Based on your requirement can choose any one of this option to set up the goal. We can create n number of goals that we want to track on the website.

Note: You need to link Google Ads with Google Analytics to list these goals on the Google Ads Conversion tab. To link Google Ads with Google Analytics, Go to the Admin tab in Google Analytics and Click on Google Ads linking.

Google Analytics

Once you have done this, created Goals are listed on Google Ads conversion tab.

Why campaign-level conversion setting?

Campaign-level conversion setting is important to track specific conversion happened through specific Google Ads. For example, We have multiple conversion listed in our Google Ads account like Product Download, Webinar Signup, Request a Demo form and Newsletter Signup. One of our ads in our Google Ads account focused for Webinar Signup. The user clicked our webinar ad and enter into our landing page specifically designed for the webinar and navigated to some other page in the website then sign up for request a demo form. In this case with the account-level conversion setting, Google Ads account will register one conversion for the webinar Ad campaign. But the aim of our ad is to get signup for the Webinar.

To avoid this, Google has announced a campaign-level conversion setting. With the campaign-level conversion setting, We can select the conversion based on the objective of our Ad. This would not count other conversions to the respective campaign.

How to enable the campaign-level conversion setting:

Go into the Campaign you want to changes the Conversion.

  • Click Setting
  • Then Click Additional Setting
  • Click on the Conversions
  • Click Choose conversion actions for this campaign
  • Click Select conversion actions you want for the specific campaign

campaign-level conversion setting in Google Ads

Final Thought:

With Campaign-level conversions, we can measure the right objective of our Ad. Before changing into Campaign-level conversion setting from account-level conversion setting for the entire campaign in Google Ads account, you need to test it for some campaign and monitor the ad performance, changes in the CPA and bidding. Based on the experiment result you can modify the conversion setting for all the campaigns.

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