How to get traffic to your site by sharing external blogs on Social Media

Getting traffic is important for every website. We need to work hard for that and generating a lot of new content every day to get traffic. Now I’m going to explain how to get traffic to your website by sharing others article or blog on your social medias like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora, Instagram etc…

Sniply – Add a call-to-action to every link you share:

Sniply is the tools that help to add a call-to-action button to every link that you shared on social medias. Which is FREE tool up to 1000 clicks.

How to use Sniply – A Step by Step Guide:

Go to Sniply website and Sign up for your account.


Once you created Sniply account create you own snip by clicking Create My First Snip.


Next, you need to set up your brand. Upload image or your business logo and enter the name you want to display in your snip and Click continue.


Then, you need to set up a Call-to-action button. This is the very important step which helps to get traffic to your website.


Enter your message, Button text and Button URL to set up call to action button and Click continue. For example,

Message: Visit My website for more article
Button text: Click here
Button URL:

Next, enter the URL you want to share in social medias and click continue.


Once you did the sniply URL has been generated for the given URL.
Please refer the example sniply URL:


Just copy this URL and Login to your social media account and post the blog with this link.


I used SEO case study: Zero to 100,000 visitors in 12 months blog for example and shared this with my Facebook page. Any user clicks on this link it will open the blog website and our snip will be added on the website. Refer below image to view my snip with the call-to-action button.


See left end on the above image to see my snip. Do the same steps to get sniply URL for every blog that you want to share on social medias and you will get some traffic to your website. The Dashboard will help you to monitor a number of click counts and Google analytics will help to track the traffic.


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  1. Nice post

    Well written

  2. But Sir, while clicking on your FB page, user linked to your website. Then what’s the use of this snip msg which popup even your own website-‘Visit to my website for more article”. while User itself on your website? just eliminate the confusion plz.

    • Thank you for your reply… I am not posting my own article instead I post some other popular article and created sniply pop-up to my website… Hope you understand…

  3. Nice, I learnt something new today

  4. Suresh Pednekar

    useful tool . thankyou

  5. Im using snip and im adding my cta depends on the niche. Smart move. Love it

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