How to set up RSS Feed in WordPress Website with FeedBurner?

RSS Stands for Rich Site Summary is used to get regular updates on your favourite website on your email. If you subscribe RSS Feed on your favourite website you will receive updates when the new content is updated on their website.

Step by Step guide to set up RSS Feed with FeedBurner:

Log in to


Enter your blog URL or feed address as shown in below screenshot and click next.


FeedBurner will list feed address for your entered Feed URL. Select one source URL and click next.


Then enter Feed Title and Feed Address and click Next.


Your feed is now live.


Click next to set up for an automatic status track like Click through rate, podcast download etc… and click next.


Now you successfully updated the feed.


Now you need to integrate this RSS Feed to all your web page. Go to Publicize tab and click on Email Subscriptions to get the code. Copy the code and paste the code any of your web pages to get subscription form or create new text widget on your website and paste the code to get subscription form.


Now you are successfully integrated RSS Feed in your website.


Note: Give full URL for an internal hyperlink in your blog. For example, this is full URL I need to give Hyperlink for the keyword SEO. When I give /what-is-seo-search-engine-optimization/ this URL to the keyword SEO the URL will work on my website. But FeedBurner cannot redirect this URL. So the reader cannot able to get this page in feed they got in email. So try to give full URL for an internal hyperlink to avoid this.

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