How to update old blog posts for SEO | Top 6 Strategy

1. Identify the blog post that needs republishing

  • Go to Google Analytics
  • Navigate to Behavior Overview All Pages
  • Export the last 3 month data.
  • Filter the page has less page views and decide the page/blog you want to update based on your goal or priorities the page with high keyword impression and low clicks.

2. Update your content with new information

  • Revisit you target keyword and optimise
  • Improve your search intent match
  • Do content gap analysis for that page compared to competitors page and update the content if you missed. Check the keyword
  • density after updating the content
  • Find LSI keywords and add to the content
  • Answer “people also ask” questions
  • Update the current year in your title and meta
  • Change title and meta description
  • Add new visuals or replace existing one (image, video and infographic)
  • Add or update the Alt text

3. Change the “published” date

  • Once you made all the changes, change the date to today and publish it
  • Add internal links to recent content

4. Request indexing in Google Search Console

5. Promote your content

Once the necessary changes are made, promote your content. Use following platforms

  • Social media
  • Run email campaign
  • Influencer outreach
  • Submit the post to community

6. Monitor the results

Finally, monitor the results by using the following tools.

  • Check the pageview and user count in Google Analytics
  • Check out the performance in Google Search Console by applying page filter
  • User tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to monitor keyword position
  • Use Ahrefs tool to monitor the performance of republished page

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