Increase your conversion from visitor to subscriber using Optinchat

Automation is developed widely in today’s market in all the field. Especially, in Digital Marketing, Marketing bots are increased and it becomes a powerful tool for the marketing automation to save more time and manpower.

One of the main Marketing automation bots that used everywhere is chatbot. A chatbot is a computer program designed for automatic chat conversation with human users over the Internet. Many of them using chatbot for their website to engage the visitor and trying to convert the visitor to the subscriber.

In my website using Optinchat to get subscribers.

Step by Steps guide to use Optinchat for beginners:

First, You need to Sign Up to Optinchat.


Once you signed up to Optinchat you need to prepare set of questions to use in automatic conversation to your visitors. Enter these questions in Question builder section in Optinchat.

For example, I’m going to get Email Id from my website visitors.


First, upload the photo that you want to show your visitors by clicking Add photo.

Topbar name:

Topbar name is nothing but the name that you want to display on your website under chat icon. Use your name to build the trust among the visitor instead of using Chatbot or any common name.

Intro text:

Intro text appears on the website under chat icon when the visitor entered into the website.


Optin question:

This is the first question to your visitor when they click chat icon. The answer to this question is Yes or No type. So you need to build the question based on that.

Example: Hey there, Would you like to receive Digital Marketing Tips and Updates?


Reply for no:

Enter your reply if the visitor clicks No to your question.

Example: Thank you for visiting our website.

Email question:

Enter the question to get Email Id of your visitor if they click on Yes to your question.

Example: That’s Great! May I know you Email Id?

Name Question:

Once they enter the Email Id then you need to ask the name of the visitor.


Mobile Number:

If you want a mobile number of the visitor you prepare the question for that. This is the optional field in Optinchat.

Thank you message:

Enter the final thank you message in this section that you want to display to your visitor.

Blacklisted page links:

If you want to hide Optinchat any of your pages you need to enter the URL of the page that you want to hide Optinchat.

Once you build this question section click on Save.

Copy the JavaScript code shown in below to the Save button. This JavaScript code need to paste on your WordPress site. For that, you need to download the Optinchat plugin from the Optinchat website and upload it to your WordPress under plugin section. Once you uploaded click on activate plugin and paste the JavaScript code on that and Click on Save.


Now you are successfully activated Optinchat for your WordPress site.

You can view all your subscriber got from Optinchat under View records section in Optinchat dashboard.


The main benefits of Optinchat are an integration of Email Marketing tools. You can integrate this with Google Sheets, Zapier, AWeber, MailChimp, Mailerlite, Drip and ConvertKit to integrate your visitors directly to these tools.


Optinchat has FREE and various premium plan like Beginner, Expert and Enterprise. Based on your need you need to upgrade your plans.


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