How to remove your web page from Google Search Result?

This is the most common question from every blogger. Many of the blogger and website owners face this issue for the following reason.

Every newly started website face this issue when you search your domain name in Google it will show some sample pages of your website indexed in Google search engine and showing in search results. For example, refer below screenshot.


Please look at the third and fifth result in above screenshot. Hello world page and Sample Page of newly started website shown in the Google search result. This is the default page in WordPress and most of the website owner’s deleted this page before creating pages. It can be easily avoided by deleting these sample pages before your website got indexed in Search engines. Most of the blogger or website owner’s created Google Search Console account and got indexed their website before deleting the sample page.

If the visitor clicks these sample page it will show 404 error to the visitor.


So you might lose the visitor.

Next, the main reason is, you created the web page and it got indexed in Google. After some time you don’t need that page and it will need to deindex from Google search result to avoid visitor to see that web page. This type of problem mainly occurs in every organization due to following reasons.

  • Old document or old details about their product or services will be shown on top of the Google search result and it will affect newly created documents by the organization to get higher rank in Search Engine Results. In this case, organization need to deindex their old document to get higher ranking for their new document. So the visitors will able to access the new document and able to know the present information about their product or services.
  • Privacy policies and trademark are most important for any organization. Every organization need to check their competitor’s privacy policies and registered trademark before going to use the word that used by competitors. Your competitors may register some term to build their own brand for that particular term. It will be listed in their trademark page on their website or the term will be followed by ™ symbol when they use anywhere on the website. Some of the organization mistakenly used their competitor’s trademark terms and to hide that from competitors to avoid issues they deindex their web page from Google search results.
  • Other reasons, to hide the old offers or discounts from the customer or new visitor they usually deindex the web page from Google search results.

Step by step guide to remove web pages from Google search result:

Log in to Google Search Console (Previously called Google Webmaster Tools).

Go to Google Index -> Remove URL.

Then enter the URL you want to remove from Google search result. Refer the below screenshot.


Then Click Continue and Submit Request.


Once you submitted your request is in pending status.


You need to wait for some time and check it back you see that you successfully removed URL from Google Search Results.


Removing web page from Google search result made easy by using Google Search Console.

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  2. This will remove the page only temporarily

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